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What to expect

When you first come to a CNS Healthcare facility, it will feel just like going into any other doctor's office. You'll be greeted and asked to sign in, but that's where the similarities end.

At your first appointment:

  • You'll have a one-on-one confidential consultation with one of our friendly health care experts.
  • You won't be asked to wait in an exam room, or to put on a hospital gown.
  • We'll meet with you in an office and take some time to get to know you. Everyone's symptoms are a little different and we want to make sure we understand exactly what it is that you are going through.
  • We'll discuss the different options that we have for you and answer any of your questions.
  • It's helpful if you can bring along any prescription medications that you're currently taking, or any information that you have about prior treatments.
  • This consultation should take about 30 minutes.

If you decide to take part in a study

  • You will be scheduled to come in for a more thorough evaluation with one of our doctors.
  • You'll receive a complete physical exam, including:
    • an ECG to make sure your heart is healthy
    • lab work
    • a check of your blood pressure
  • We will review your symptoms and history.
  • For some studies, you may be asked to complete some questionnaires about how you have been feeling.
  • These visits usually last about two hours.

During the study

  • For most studies, you'll be asked to come in to meet with our doctor about once per week. This allows us to closely track how the medication is affecting your symptoms.
  • You'll complete questionnaires and have specific conversations with our team of experts.
  • Some visits may involve additional lab work at our office so that we can monitor the effects of the medications and your safety.
  • These follow up visits typically last for about an hour.


Taking part in a clinical trial does have it's benefits as well:

Our Programs

Our programs for medication research are sponsored by the major pharmaceutical companies.

We study new and existing medication in the treatment different disorders. CNS Healthcare has been conducting highly successful medication clinical trials since 1996.

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Is research safe?

We comply with FDA regulations and are overseen by IRB's to ensure your safety.

Clinical trials are highly regulated to ensure patient safety and ethics.

All new and existing medication at your local pharmacy needs to go through clinical trials for many years before they are approved.

Furthermore, CNS Healthcare ensures that one of our local doctors is available 24/7 to ensure your safety during your treatment.

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