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Patient Testimonials

CNS Healthcare | Our Difference
Orlando, FL

They were extremely helpful and caring and really made me feel at ease with my diagnosis. They have helped me understand it and gave me several options to choose from.

CNS Healthcare | What to expect
Memphis, TN

I didn't expect that I would see the doctor so often. They give you great care, and it was free.

CNS Healthcare | What to expect
Cordova, TN

I would absolutely do this again. It was actually a pleasant, warm experience.

CNS Healthcare | Courtesy Clinic
Jacksonville, FL

Everyone was very comforting and caring, they were nice, they were not real clinical. I don't have insurance and it was a way that I could get help that was affordable.

CNS Healthcare | Real care, Real help
Carl M.
Cape Canaveral, FL

Even though you are participating in a study, you are always treated as a person, not a subject. Your team gets to know you and truly cares about making your life better.

Did you know

Since 1996, CNS Healthcare has conducted over 1,000 clinical trials helping to bring some of today's most prescribed and effective medicine to market.

We conduct research on new and existing medications with the goal of finding more effective cures with fewer side effects.