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Benefits of Participating

CNS Healthcare | No wait
No wait

With a typical doctor's office, you may have to schedule an initial appointment weeks in advance. With CNS Healthcare, you can skip the wait and come in to see one of our health care experts within the next day or two. If you give us a call, we can often find a way to get you in today!

CNS Healthcare | No cost
No cost

Everything that you receive as part of a study at CNS Healthcare comes at no cost to you. You'll never receive a bill for the study medications, for the laboratory or physical assessments, for the cutting-edge diagnostic assessments, or for the expert medical care you receive. Since there is no bill, there is no need for you to have medical insurance or a referral to come and see us.

CNS Healthcare | Courtesy Clinic
Confidential Care

Everything that happens at CNS Healthcare, from the initial consultation to the follow-up care, is kept completely confidential. We will not share any of your specific medical information with anyone unless you want us to. All of the data that we provide to our pharmaceutical partners is anonymous – numbers is all that they see.

CNS Healthcare | Real care, Real help
Experienced Medical Team

Our team is made up of experts with decades of combined experience in treating people with a wide range of disorders as well as in conducting clinical research studies. Each of our sites has medical doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, and medical assistants who are dedicated to making sure each person has the best experience possible. Our teams work to ensure that people are enrolled in studies that are a good fit for their needs, and that the safety of everyone in our studies is maintained at all times.


Taking part in a clinical research study is completely voluntary. In most cases, we do compensate people in our studies for their time and travel expenses.

This is typically done in the form of a check or dollar amount loaded onto a reusable debit card. Reimbursement like this is provided only to people who are taking part in a study, so we cannot give compensation for travel at the very first consultation.

New Medicine

Many people turn to CNS Healthcare when they have not been able to get the help they need through typical medical care. Our studies utilize the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic tools and methods. Because of this, people who take part in our studies can have the utmost confidence in a diagnosis from one of our medical doctors. Many people use this as an opportunity to get a second opinion about a diagnosis they have heard in the past. Additionally, the medications being used in the studies at CNS Healthcare are typically not available anywhere else. A clinical study is a good opportunity to try something new, especially for people whose symptoms are not relieved with their current or past treatment.

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