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Our Doctors and Investigators

Linda Harper, M.D.
Linda Harper, M.D.

Dr. Harper was the Medical Director at a freestanding psychiatric hospital in Orlando. During her tenure at the hospital, Dr. Harper gained extensive research knowledge through the collaborative efforts with CNS Healthcare, and officially joined the company in 1999.

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Mike Dever, M.D.
Mike Dever, M.D.

As Principal Investigator, Dr. Dever brings expertise in the areas of metabolic and endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, chronic pain, alcohol and chemical dependence, infectious diseases, and cardiology.

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Shawn Carter, Psy.D.
Shawn Carter, Ph.D.

Dr. Shawn Carter joined CNS Healthcare as a Clinical Psychologist/Sub-Investigator in 2017. He serves as an Investigator and does diagnostic evaluations and ratings for patients. He earned his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Northern Illinois University and completed his clinical psychology internship at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System in 2012. Dr. Carter previously served as an Investigator/Psychologist at the University of Central Florida. He conducted clinical behavioral trials examining the efficacy of individual and group therapies for PTSD among combat veterans.

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Robert Molpus, M.D.
Robert Molpus, M.D.

Prior to joining CNS Healthcare in 2008, Dr. Molpus was the Medical Director of Behavioral health Services at Orlando Regional Medical Center. During his tenure with the hospital he developed and served as Clinical Director of the Dual-Diagnosis Program.

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Patricia Brown, PhD, ARNP
Patricia Brown, PhD, ARNP

Dr. Brown is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years psychiatric experience and has been in private practice since 1984. She is certified in both adult and child/adolescent psychiatric/mental health nursing. Dr. Brown joined CNS Healthcare in 2004 and the Orlando research team in 2008.

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Experienced clinical teams
Experienced Clinical Team

Behind our great doctors and investigators stands a great team with decades of experience in healthcare.

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CNS Healthcare of Orlando

Providing free screenings and no cost clinical trial programs in the Orlando area.

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Our Programs

Our clinical trials and programs are sponsored by the major pharmaceutical companies.

We study new and existing medication in the treatment of various disorders and conditions. CNS Healthcare has been conducting highly successful clinical trials since 1996.

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Is it safe?

We are overseen by the FDA and IRB's to ensure your safety.

Clinical trials are highly regulated to ensure patient safety and ethics. All new and existing medication needs to go through clinical trials for years before they are released.

Furthermore, CNS Healthcare ensures that one of our local doctors is available 24/7 to ensure your safety.

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