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Memphis Research Team

CNS Healthcare's Memphis research team is filled with some of the best professionals in their field bringing unparalleled quality of care to our patients.

Kelly Iskiwitz, BS | Administrative Director

Kelly joined CNS Healthcare during 2003 as a Research Assistant. She has gained extensive experience in all areas of research and clinical trials including data entry, intake, psychological testing, regulatory and QA. She currently oversees all of these areas and is our liaison with our sponsors and monitors.

Carolyn "Kaki" Scatamacchia, MSN, NP-C | Clinical Director

Carolyn Scatamacchia joined the CNS Healthcare team in February 2014 as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She received her Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice of Nursing from University of Memphis in 2013 along with her certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner’s.

Jason Bain, MS, CCRC | Clinical Research Coordinator

Jason is a Clinical Research Coordinator who received his Master of Science degree in Counseling and his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Memphis. He has over ten years of extensive experience working with people living with affective, psychotic, and personality disorders,of which over six years of experience working in research and clinical trials.

Linda Byrd, RN | Clinical Research Coordinator

Linda joined the team in 2016 and is responsible for managing all intake activity in the office. She has 8 years of inpatient and outpatient nursing experience, including addiction, emergent care, general psychiatry, chronic pain, endocrinology, plastic surgery, and gastroenterology. She received her nursing degree from Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Charles Grandberry, B.S./EMT | Triage Manager

Charles joined our team in 2013 as our Patient Access Manager, responsible for managing all intake activity in the office and supporting our site with community outreach. Charles comes to us with nine years of experience in healthcare management. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Organizational Development, and is also trained as an Emergency Medical Technician by the United States Military

Courtney S. Hale, LPN | Clinical Research Coordinator

Courtney joined us in 2015 as a Clinical Research Coordinator. She has over 4 years of experience as an LPN, having worked in many different healthcare settings in the Memphis area. Courtney has worked with multiple diagnoses including depression, anxiety, ADHD, pain, bipolar disorder, diabetes, as well as many GI-related disorders. She is also experienced in many diagnostic evaluations and rating scales used in clinical research.

Robyn Presley, BS | Clinical Research Coordinator

Robyn joined us in 2001 as a Clinical Research Coordinator. She has 17 years of research experience as a Research Coordinator for numerous diseases of the central nervous system. She graduated from Southwest Baptist University with degrees in psychology and sociology. Her graduate work at the University of North Texas was in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on aging. She is the past President of the Memphis chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Mary M VanWyngarden, MSW | Clinical Research Coordinator

Mary joined our Memphis team in 2016 and holds a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Mary has prior experience working as a Clinical Social Worker both in a psychiatric hospital and a hospice organization. Both of these provided Mary with extensive experience counseling people of all ages.

Rishi Bhula, M.D. | Clinical Research Coordinator

Rishi, a Clinical Research Coordinator who received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles, joined the team as of 2017. He has over twelve years of extensive experience working with people living with autoimmune, affective, psychotic, personality, and pain/inflammatory related disorders, of which over five years of experience working in research and clinical trials.

Stephanie Maurey | Regulatory/QA Specialist

Stephanie has been a member of the CNS Healthcare team since November of 2008. As the QA/Regulatory Specialist, Stephanie provides continuous quality oversight for both data collection and regulatory compliance.

Debra O'Brien, RN, BSN | Clinical Research Coordinator

Debra joined our team in 2016 as a Clinical Research Coordinator in our Memphis TN office. Debra has over 18 years of nursing experience ranging from neurotrauma, cardiovascular surgery, med/surge ICU, emergency room RN, cardiac stepdown, and being a school nurse.

Gwen Randle | Office Manager

Gwen has been the welcoming face of CNS Healthcare Of Memphis since 2002 and is affectionately known to staff and patients as “Ms. Gwen”. Prior to CNS, Gwen worked for 20 years in Behavior Health Services at St. Francis Hospital. She is a graduate of Hernando High School and attended two years at Northwest Mississippi Junior college.

Tavia Flagg | Lab Coordinator

Tavia joined the team in November 2016. In 2007, she attended High Tech Institute and completed training as a Phlebotomist. She has over eight years of clinical experience, working with people living with autoimmune and pain/inflammatory related disorders, as well as working in research and clinical trials.

Irene Woods-Powell | Research Assistant

Irene joined the team in 2010 as a research assistant. In 1992 she worked as a CNA, where she gained experience in patient care. Following her dream to work in the healthcare field, she went back to school and graduated with honors as a MA. She now inputs 99% of the EDC information as well as efficiently serves as lab support. She is happy to be gaining extensive experience in research working with such a great team.

Brandi Gruber | Community Relations Manager

Brandi joined the team in 2014 as the Community Relations Manager. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Arkansas State University and has 10 years’ experience as a sales executive in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of urology, endocrinology, psychiatry, and internal medicine. Brandi collaborates with organizations, health centers, and physician offices to promote patient research opportunities at CNS Healthcare.

Krystal Baham | Research Assistant

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