Our Locations | CNS Healthcare Orlando, Jacksonville, Memphis
Jacksonville, FL: (904) 281-5757
Memphis, TN: (901) 843-1045
Orlando, FL: (407) 425-5100
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Our Locations

CNS Healthcare | Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville FL

J. Mark Joyce, MD, Fadi Chalhoub, MD, Nandita Joshi, MD, Susan Angel, MSN, ARNP.

CNS Healthcare | Memphis, TN
Memphis, TN

Valerie Arnold, MD, Dolores DiGaetano, MD, Lora McGill, MD, Lisa S. Usdan, MD, Shaina L. Shepherd, Psy.D.

CNS Healthcare | Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Linda Harper, MD, Robert Molpus, MD, Mike Dever, MD, Patricia Brown, Ph.D., ARNP

CNS Healthcare | Partnerships

CNS Healthcare works with various companies, from the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world to emerging biotechnology companies, in an effort to identify and bring to market novel new medications

Did you know

How long does it take for a medication to be brought to market?

On average new compounds are researched for a 15 year period before FDA approval is considered and the medication reaches the market. An investment between $900 million and $1.1 billion is made for each new compound developed by pharmaceutical companies.