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Hyperlipidemia Facts

High Cholesterol Medication Research Study

Hyperlipidemia is an elevation of one or more fat proteins in the blood. It is commonly referred to as high cholesterol. One-third of American adults have it, only 1 in 3 have it under control, and having hyperlipidemia doubles the risk of developing heart disease.

Excessive fat in the blood accumulates over time, forming plaques on the walls of the arteries and blood vessels. This will narrow the openings, producing turbulent blood flow through the vessels, and cause the heart to use more force to get the blood through the constricted areas.

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Looking for better control of your cholesterol?

Not all medications work well for everyone. Let the doctors at CNS Healthcare show you some new treatment options that might be right for you. Begin by making an appointment for a free consultation at one of our locations.

Find out how our promising research programs could help with hyperlipidemia treatment by scheduling a consultation.

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Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol) Information

Hyperlipidemia symptopms

My numbers are high,
what now?

There are many ways to treat high cholesterol, however for some existing medication does not work as well as it should. Check out your available treatment options at one of our clinics by scheduling a free consultation.


diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

I was diagnosed,
now what?

There are many options to treat high cholesterol. Have you considered all of them? Schedule a free consultation to explore all your options.

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I want more info on diabetes

Hyperlipidemia can have a profound effect on your quality of life. Our healthcare experts can provide education about this condition, offer suggestions on new medication and treatment.

Bipolar Disorder medicine

Have trouble tolerating statins?

A clinical trial like the ones at CNS Healthcare might be the right option for you. Find out more about our current trials by scheduling a free consultation.

Bipolar Disorder treatment does not work

Medication doesn't work,
What now?

The most important thing is not to get discouraged!. Talk to your doctor or let us evaluate your treatment plan and suggest alternative treatment options or new medication.

Bipolar Disorder treatment success

What is the treatment success rate?

In many cases, hyperlipidemia can be managed without medication. Should medication be needed, there are many effective treatment options available. Let's talk about your treatment and medication options, schedule your free consultation today.

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Hyperlipidemia Symptoms

Hyperlipidemia doesn't cause any symptoms. The condition is diagnosed by routine blood tests, recommended every five years for adults.

Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical companies worldwide sponsor clinical trials aimed at researching new and existing medication for Diabetes, just like the programs conducted here locally at CNS Healthcare.

The team at CNS Healthcare studies medication for the treatment of high cholesterol and has been conducting highly successful medication clinical trials since 1996.

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Is research safe?

CNS Healthcare is overseen by the FDA and IRB's to ensure your safety.

All new and existing medication aimed for treatment of diabetes needs to go through lengthy clinical trials before they are approved.

Furthermore, CNS Healthcare ensures that one of our local doctors is available 24/7 to ensure your safety during your treatment.

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