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Constipation Relief

Constipation clinical trial

Constipation can be caused by a number of different factors, including lack of diet, exercise, inadequate hydration, medication, or even hormonal imbalances.

Diets high in white flour, fried foods, refined sugars, cheese, and soft drinks are causes of constipation in some people. Sedentary lifestyles also contribute to constipation. Treatment of constipation is usually based on increased dietary fiber and supplementation with bulking agents; exercise, and habit training. However, often only partial relief is obtained and many people use laxatives on a regular basis without medical supervision.

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Are you struggling and looking for relief? You are not alone; in fact there are millions like you looking for relief and treatment.

Constipation is more common that you might think. Research suggests that over 15% of Americans have suffered from constipation in the past 12 months. That's about 42 million people. Constipation causes people to feel sluggish, irritable, bloated and just generally 'out of sorts.'

To find out how one of our programs could help you gain relief, schedule a free consultation to speak to one of our healthcare professionals.

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Constipation symptopms

I have some symptoms,
what now?

If you have tried making some changes in your life, but have not found the relief you need, come talk to one of our medical experts about your available treatment options that might lead to the relief you are looking for.


diagnosed with constipation

I was diagnosed,
now what?

Sometimes, a second opinion can be really helpful. If a doctor has already diagnosed you with constipation, you may still be eligible to take part in our research. In fact, we may have an option that's a great fit for you. Schedule a confidential consultation to find out.

more info on pain medication constipation

I want more info on constipation

Our doctors are medical experts in helping people find new options for finding relief. If you have more questions, come in and let's see how we can help you find answers.

constipation medicine

On meds, can I still participate?

Your condition may actually be caused by some of the medications that you're taking. Schedule a free consultation and we'll help you find out if there is an alternative that could give you relief.

constipation treatment does not work

Medication doesn't work,
Now what?

Laxitaves are a common over-the-counter treatment for constipation, but they don't work well for everyone and they may have unwanted side effects. Our research is looking at a different option to find relief that may work better. Find out more with a free consultation.

constipation treatment success

What is the treatment success rate?

Since the causes of constipation can vary, the treatment success varies as well. The good news is that most people with constipation can be successfully treated, but it may taking exploring multiple treatment options. One of our treatment options may be just what you need.


While symptoms may vary, people most commonly experience:

Our Programs

Our programs for finding relief through medication research are sponsored by the major pharmaceutical companies.

We study new and existing medication in the treatment of constipation. At CNS Healthcare, we have been conducting highly successful medication clinical trials since 1996.

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Is research safe?

We are overseen by the FDA and IRB's to ensure your safety.

Medication clinical trials are highly regulated in order to ensure participant's safety.

All new and existing medication aimed for treatment of constipation need to go through clinical trials for many years before they are approved.

Furthermore, CNS Healthcare ensures that one of our local doctors is available 24/7 to ensure your safety during your treatment.

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