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Research Experience

Since opening our doors in 1996, CNS Healthcare and some of the leading healthcare providers in their fields have been working quietly at our Jacksonville, FL, Memphis, TN and Orlando, FL locations to safely collect information about pharmacological developments that have given way to some of the most widely prescribed medicines today. Our work continues on today, with more staff and larger facilities, in order to exceed the expectations of our patients and industry partners.

Medicines brought to market

The following are some of the medicines we have helped bring to market through our clinical research; prescriptions of these medicines now improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

  • Abilify®
  • Adderall XR®
  • Addyi XR®
  • Aptensio XR®
  • Brintellix®
  • Cymbalta®
  • Depakote®
  • Fetzima®
  • Focalin®
  • Focalin XR®
  • Geodon®
  • Geodon IM®
  • Hysingla ER®
  • Intuniv™
  • Kapvay™
  • Lamictal®
  • Lexapro®
  • Lunesta®
  • Luvox CR®
  • Lyrica®
  • Movantik®
  • Oleptro®
  • Paxil®
  • Pristiq™
  • Reminyl™
  • Rexulti™
  • Risperdal®
  • Risperdal® Consta®
  • Savella®
  • Seroquel®
  • Seroquel XR®
  • Silenor®
  • Strattera®
  • Symbyax®
  • Targiniq ER®
  • Tresiba®
  • Viberzi™
  • Viibryd™
  • Vivitrol®
  • Vyvanse™
  • Wellbutrin XL®
  • Xtampza ER®
  • Zoloft®

Did you know

How long does it take for a medication to be brought to market?

On average new compounds are researched for a 15 year period before FDA approval is considered and the medication reaches the market. An investment between $900 million and $1.1 billion is made for each new compound developed by pharmaceutical companies.