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Our Difference

CNS Healthcare's vision is to advance safe and effective pharmaceuticals to improve the quality of healthcare. We accomplish this by conducting clinical trials on medications in various stages of development.

How we compare

Your typical providerCNS Healthcare
  • You may have to wait several weeks for an initial appointment
  • We can typically get you in to see one of our experts within 1-2 days. Same day appointments are available as well.
  • The initial evaluation is just a few minutes long.
  • We do a very thorough evaluation for everyone who takes part in a trial with us. This usually includes a full physical, lab work, an ECG to check your heart, and a complete history of your symptoms and prior medications, if any.
  • If the doctor wants you to have lab work done, you will usually have to go to another office.
  • All routine laboratory tests are done in our office to make things more convenient for you.
  • You will need to have health insurance and will likely have a co-pay, or you have to pay for everything yourself.
  • There are no costs for people who take part in a trial with us. Everything is provided free of charge, and you may actually receive money to cover your time and travel expenses.

Our Mission

The mission of CNS Healthcare is to be the best clinical trial company in America by partnering with pharmaceutical companies and serving patients.

Did you know?

Patients who participated in clinical trials with CNS Healthcare received medications that normally would not be available to them at their doctor's office?